Gas emission pollution is being mitigated in a variety of ways with car emission control, electric and hybrid vehicles and public transportation systems.Not all major cities have successful implementation and decent public transportation in place, but the world is working on this issue constantly and we have managed to reduce … The study was carried out with twenty eight preservice teachers from diverse departments in Faculty of Education in accordance with the one group pre-test post-test design as one of the pre-experimental designs. They were interested in learning more about many subjects, but they were less interested in social topics than environmental science, safety, or recreation topics. The authors conducted a national survey of 6th- and 12th-grade students in Israel to evaluate their environmental literacy, including the dimensions of environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. We then introduce the Arab and ultraorthodox sectors, and describe the ways in which issues of educational contents, representation, resources, and infrastructure affect BE in these sectors. �o������n``�� �]�x����I@��{�8��Yy��(` *�y� Purpose: Öğrenciler; güncel ve küresel çevre sorunları olan asit yağmurları, iklim değişikliği, biyoçeşitliliğin azalması, erozyon vb. The findings revealed that students found social, personal, and wilderness survival sessions to be very meaningful. Journal of Environmental Education, 33(1), 33–35. We show how policies and concrete measures for forwarding EE in these groups in a multicultural manner can draw on their specific culture, education systems, and environmental situations. Many of the environmental problems being experienced are a result of human contributions, such as excessive waste, industry pollution and overpopulation. Sample of this research comprised of 449 candidate teachers from Nizip Education Faculty (Gaziantep University) and Education Faculty of Cukurova University. Elements of these cycles that are already included in the science/chemical curriculum and textbooks intended for formal education in Greek secondary schools were thoroughly reviewed and on the basis of the gaps and needs identified new didactic materials were produced. Focused on and organized around environmental issues, this innovative new book helps you critically evaluate possible solutions to the environmental problems we now face. Question-posing capability as an alternative evaluation method: Analysis of an environmental case study, Basics Of Qualitative Research: Techniques And Procedures For Developing Grounded Theory, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Climate Change Adaptation Center, Seismic readiness of residences in Israel, Vehicle emissions, the consumer and industry: finding the balance, Sustainable port operation management: Green performance criteria for container terminals, Future directions of environmental engineering in Canada, Constraints to increased coal use. There was a substantial relation between environmental attitude, willingness to make personal sacrifices, and environmentally responsible behavior. How are environmental problems and their root causes connected? For instance, such urban areas could struggle with environmental challenges through reducing greenhouse gases based on utilizing new clean and renewable resources of energy instead of fossil fuels as main reason of environmental problems. London: Cassells. Participants included 91 ninth grade students in a high school in Balikesir during the spring semester of the 2008-2009 academic years. The methodology and design were purely descriptive desk research undergird by the prism of advocacy which relies heavily on extant literature. These cities would deal with global challenges and create new urban settings with high quality of liveability and quality of life. Design/methodology/approach: Preference should be given to networking which permits organisation-wide interactions founded on self-managed teams as against tall hierarchies which erect bureaucracy and stultify initiative. This study aimed to (a) assess Lebanese secondary school students' environmental knowledge and attitudes, and (b) explore the relationship between participants' knowledge and attitudes, biographical and academic variables, and commitment to environmental friendly behavior. In other words, purpose should be the super-ordinate ambitions of business enterprises to which the drive for profit making should be subordinated or subjected. This research is based on experience of Prof. Dr. Doost Mohammadian on sustainability such as cooperating with Danish Sustainable Platforms Company, working with Erasmus+ as an academic leader in Germany from 2017, cooperating with Copenhagen's former mayor and researching on sustainability . Environmental pollution in Nigeria is a human-made problem. To increase the students' environmental literacy levels, the departments should put sufficient compulsory environment courses on their programs, and they should focus on providing their graduates with environmental attitudes and behaviors. the authors included both multiple choice questions and open questions. Knowledge and use of environment friendly products, agreeing to, promising and acting to dispose the wastes through prescribed drains or designated places were found to be the human behaviours responsible to enhance the water-bodies conditions. Waste awareness includes the waste definition and waste examples, while awareness of WM includes the WM definition, WM importance, WM methods, and WM responsibility. In this research, Blue-Green Ubiquitous cities are introduced as a key to gain new concept of urban living. The results of the research have revealed that the perceptions of students about environmental problems, and their causes and solutions are very limited. (Contains 530 references.) (2002). Retrieved December 8, 2009 from Paris: UNESCO. This mixed approach methodology study used 10 Likert type questionnaires to collect data about nine cognitive and affective components that might influence environmental behavior. Environmental problems 5.1. This article uses case studies of two minorities in Israel to illustrate the potential for bringing together these two areas of educational research that have developed significantly in recent years. Results were obtained using the participatory approach and contact and collect method as per Applied Behaviour Analysis Approach (Skinner, 1937 and Geller, 1994). Data is collected with word association test, open-ended questions, and drawing technique. This article presents guidelines for conducting and reporting qualitative EE research developed during a 10-hour (1-day) workshop sponsored by the North American Commission on Environmental Education Research during the 1997 annual meeting of the North American Association for Environmental Education. This research work takes a qualitative research approach with semi-structured interviews conducted involving with participants. (2004), students from the department of medicine identify the most important three environmental issues as air pollution (37.5%), waste issues (36.2%) and destruction of forests (30.6%). �#��ah`�3�uຣ��Ӛ����yoO3Pa�t�d_�H�T}:b�[�A/&��æsd����Njoa�ү�$U�ѱ�xX��f��ڻC[g����h��Dո�82s���C_dgU����������q�!3PJ�c��9�eE��>��w�o. Like the rest of the globe, the people of the US are also sufferers of water … (1998). The setting of the study was particularly appropriate for a focus on community impact. The research data were obtained from the "Environmental Problems Interview Form" prepared by the researchers, and analyzed by the qualitative descriptive analysis technique. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. There are three factors which affect the formation of a child's personality, which are heredity, the environment (cosmosentris) and human free will. Statistical analysis was performed on each of the scales that make up the ELIKC and a multivariate analysis of variance was performed to identify the variables that affect environmental literacy. The sub-specialties of environmental engineering address all these areas including the treatment of water, liquid waste, solid waste, and gaseous materials, protection of the environment through proactive measures, and the development of effective regulations. ÖZ: The main reason of it is greenhouses gas that are released by human activities, in particular the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), deforestation and certain types of agriculture. This is mainly because environmental degradation threatens the existence of humankind. ), Understanding geographic and environmental education: The role of research (pp. (Report to the US Environmental The main sample included 656 participants from amongst Israel’s working population. Middle school environmental literacy instrument. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of an environmen- tal education program on the students and the island community of Molokai, Hawaii. Most participants specified solid waste, open spaces, or air pollution as the main issues. This study makes contributions to our knowledge of the green, sustainable container terminal management. Gözlem gezisi uygulaması öncesinde; çoğu öğretmen adayının çevre ile ilgili yeterli bir tanım yapamadığı görülmüştür. climate change, ocean acidification, eutrophication) that learners could experience, connecting them with sustainable development issues (sustainable consumption and production, renewable energies etc). Bu çalışmada, ortaokul öğrencilerinin çevre sorunları, çevre sorunlarının nedenleri ve çevre sorunlarının çözümüne yönelik algılarının ortaya konması amaçlanmıştır. Tal, A. Environment ethics is the discipline in Philosophy that studies moral relationship of human to environment. This article addresses the discourse of Israeli academics, policy makers, and environmental activists regarding the environmental implications of population growth in Israel. Previously, no one even bothered to care … Environmental problems are as well problems . Students' knowledge about environmental matters and their belief in their own action possibilities—A Danish study (research summary). There is a variation in awareness among the teachers regarding waste and WM, including conceptions, misconceptions, and the relations among them. The questionnaires were found both reliable and valid. Table 1: Environmental Dimensions of Energy Security in Asia and the Pacific Dimension Link To Energy Security Energy Contribution To The Problem Household environmental problems in Sao Paulo. Unpublished It might also undermine social welfare and equity in an unprecedented manner and generally, global warming poses a significant potential threat to the future economic wellbeing of large numbers of human beings (Munasinghe, 2003). They represent the efforts of 30 EE practitioners, researchers, and scholars, and are offered in the spirit of academic and intellectual collaboration and cooperation. A face-to-face survey with 621 candidate graduate students in the Ondokuz Mayis University was used to collect the data. The pre-service teachers drew mostly air pollution and then water and soil pollution in their drawings. Biogeochemical cycles support all anthropogenic activities and are affected by them, therefore they are intricately interlinked with global environmental and socioeconomic issues. The probit models showed that both environmental attitude and behavior were influenced by the environmental education and information factors, while the socio-demographic factors generally have important impacts on the students' environmental awareness as expected. Cognitive Barriers to Environmental Action: Problems and Solutions Lisa L. Shu ... better environmental solutions. Transparency in contradistinction to privacy helps to build bankable trust and boosts corporate governance in business organisations. The authors outline specific environmental issues and provide the scientific background to enable you to understand each issue. Schools play an important role in the formation of positive attitudes towards the environment in young children. The accumulation of harmful substances on the ground, water and air causes pollution. Model Answer. Çalışma, deneme öncesi modellerden biri olan tek grup ön-test son-test modeli uyarınca eğitim fakültesinin farklı bölümlerinde öğrenim görmekte olan toplam yirmi dört öğretmen adayı ile gerçekleştirilmiştir. An instrument, the Environment Literacy Instrument for Korean Children (ELIKC), was developed that measures four different dimensions (knowledge, attitude, behaviour, and skills) using 69 items and 13 demographic variables. Thus, although students may have pro-environment knowledge, this knowledge is not necessarily translated into positive behaviors towards the environment. Secondary school environmental literacy instrument. (Yardımcı ve Bağcı-Kılıç, 2010); hava kirliliği, davranış kirliliği, ormanların yok olması (Sadık, Çakan ve Artut, 2011;Sağlam, 2012); çevre kirliliği/çöpler (Littledyke, 2004;Artun ve Okur, 2015); çöp sorunu, su-hava-gürültü kirliliği, ormanların yok olması (Yalçınkaya, 2013), atıklar, hava-su-gürültü kirliliği, kanalizasyon. The military environmental narrative of the South African Army, Military Environmental Literacy in the South African Army, Waste and Waste Management Awareness Among Teachers: A Phenomenographic Approach, ÇEVRE SORUNLARI, NEDENLERİ VE ÇÖZÜM ÖNERİLERİ: YOZGAT ÖRNEĞİ, The effectiveness of the new 9th grade biology curriculum on students’ environmental awareness, Transforming qualitative information: Thematic analysis code development. The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a new 9th grade biology curriculum on students’ environmental awareness. 143 0 obj <> endobj The ELIKC was administered to 969 Year 3 students from large cities, medium‐sized cities, and rural areas. Lastly, they stated that they improved their knowledge about nature and environmental education and they planned to use it in their own professional careers. A model of waste management awareness is proposed that features the complexity of WM awareness. © 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. J Res Sci Teach 36: 411–430, 1999. to balance the needs of environment, consumer and industry are examined together with some of the key issues that need to be addressed in the formation of an appropriate legislative, industrial and fiscal framework that will serve the needs of the European Community into the next decade.RésuméLes sujets de la qualité del'atmosphère, de la consommation des carburants, et des exigences du client amenent aux solutions divergent à moins que les constructeurs d'automobiles adoptent les changements radicals des conceptions. The significance of the environmental education and the legislation as well as the need of responsible public information are crucial for the protection of nature from deleterious anthropogenic activities. Further research from empirical standpoint and preliminary application are recommended to both academics and business practitioners respectively. document. The uncontrolled and uncoordinated usage of environmental sources resulted in environmental problems such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, pollution, ozone depletion, global climate change and over-consumption of natural resources [2,3]. Problem: Species-rich wild forests are being destroyed, especially in the … Pearson correlation analysis was practiced between continuous variables of research. Ayrıca, çevre eğitiminin daha etkili hale getirilmesi için kullanılabilecek herhangi bir eğitsel öneri ortaya koyamamıştır. Environmental engineering is one of the most complex and fastest-growing disciplines in engineering. The relation between environmental knowledge and environmental attitudes and behavior proved to be very weak. The issues of air quality, fuel efficiency and customer requirements are leading to divergent solutions unless radical design changes are adopted by motor manufacturers. The gas is released from burning of fossils fuels and other unsustainable forms of energy. OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION B) Responses at the national level C) Responses at the international level A) Major environmental issues. Environmental problems are problems . Therefore, the current study aimed to reveal waste and waste management (WM) awareness of teaching staff. Further, such areas create new concept of living based on environmentally friendly, sustainable water management, digitalization and smartness. The present article (Part I of the research) focuses on the aim, content and design of the didactic materials while in Part II, assessment of their impact on the knowledge and attitudes of students is presented. The qualitative data was collected through open questions and interviews. action possibilities—A Danish study (research summary). The data collection tool was a questionnaire done by candidate teachers. Twenty-five units were selected proportionally from the seven formations in the Army for the survey among their members. Environmental problems can be studied from two different viewpoints. Environmental Issues Environmental issues are indeed everyone’s concern. liquids, and solids and the phase transfers of the contaminants. In the second phase the impact of the greenhouse effect and the destruction of stratospheric ozone by chlorofluorocarbons were considered to have too great burden grade, ... Based on the example above, his parents are highly intellectuals, but do not necessarily guarantee that they will inherit their children [3]. They think shortening of natural resources is the biggest problem of the world while urbanization is the biggest issue of Turkey. The literature is studied extensively to find parallels between the criteria previously mentioned by researchers about the sustainable green ports and the new area of green container port terminal. After the treatment, 10 students from the experimental group were interviewed using a semi-structured interview form. 43% of participants find the Internet and television more effective in environmental awareness. Environmental Problems in Nigeria & Solutions. They then phot… The amount of environmental degradation and The list of environmental problems and solutions presented in this write-up should throw some light on how do we go about the conservation of natural resources. They have never touched on current and global environmental problems such as acid rains, climate change, reduction of biodiversity, erosion etc. Household environmental problems in Sao Paulo. Therefore, this research work finds out about the environmental issues at the port terminals. 155 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<78ED69B56729A44588C29A74F077EA18>]/Index[143 26]/Info 142 0 R/Length 72/Prev 147083/Root 144 0 R/Size 169/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP) courses bring together students, faculty, staff and community partners in discussion and action to advance sustainability. Öğretmen adayları, gezi gözlem yoluyla çevreye ve çevre eğitimine ilişkin yeni bilgiler edindiklerini ve bu bilgileri çevre sorunlarına duyarlı öğrenciler yetiştirmek amacıyla kendi mesleki süreçlerinde kullanacaklarını belirtmişlerdir. h�bbd``b`�$B@D�`�"& �V+H�� ��@Bg���$T1012ȁ�10�A�g� Rigorous and focussed initiatives with practical training in order to preserve our planet should start as early as possible and carry on throughout the educational curriculum. A two‐way multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was conducted to determine the effect of school type and gender on four dimensions of the environmental attitude questionnaire. One way ANOVA test was used in comparison of quantitative continuity data between more than two independent samples. This study aimed to investigate the environmental literacy of K-10 student completers. Secondary school environmental Environmental Problems And Solutions Essay. A section of six open-ended items constituted a qualitative component. In practice, since this study took place in Turkey, it may potentially be very important because it might guide and raise awareness of environment to employees working in this area.