Copenhagen is divide into zones 1 to 9. We appreciate your help. You can easily preorder your Copenhagen Card online and pick it up upon arrival in Copenhagen. You will find these maps at bus stops and stations, or here, this zone finder tool where you enter your current location to see how many zones you are away from your destination. Choose between City Pass small and large and travel in zones 1 – 4 (City Pass small) or zones 1 - 99 (City Pass large) and to/from Copenhagen Airport and the city centre with both versions of the City Pass. Transport, Bruce McCombie Builders, and Cansco Greig as ancillary. If you’re wondering why your Rejsekort journeys are sometimes cheaper than this, keep in mind that there is a 20% discount during off-peak periods, which includes weekdays 6pm to 6am, between 11am and 1pm, and weekends. Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train and metro. Zones 1, 2 and 3 make up the city core of Copenhagen. You can use public transport tickets on all buses, trains and the metro in Copenhagen. 24 hour all zone pass This pass costs 130 DKK and can be used for a full 24 hours on all transport, for all zones. You pay for the amount of zone rings you pass through on your journey, including the zone you started in. You pay for the amount of zone rings you pass through on your journey, including the zone you started in. Find more pick-up locations here. Copenhagen area zone map below is a zone map of the copenhagen denmark transportation system. Bienvenue sur Viator ! On this site, you need to enter your current location where is says “Se zonekort for Hovedstadsområdet, then click the button “Vis Zonekort” meaning “see the Zone Map”. Was that so bad? The coloured areas on the map are referred to as zone rings. This guide will help you out. Can explore most of Copenhagen easily in those zones. Sale Overview. You can buy tickets from ticket machines at the stations, directly from the bus driver on the bus if you have small change, or using a mobile phone app. Below is a zone map of the Copenhagen, Denmark transportation system. Note that i t is mandatory for everyone above the age of 12 to carry a mask on public transportation. Two adults cannot split a 2-zone ticket, even if both of them only need to travel one zone. You can find the above coloured zone map here. If your city break is already planned out and you know that most days will be spend in the centre of Copenhagen, a City Pass is the ticket for you. The easiest way to discover how many zones you need is to go to Journey Planner and put in your address. We know it can be a little tricky to understand how the zones work and how much you need to pay for a ticket. If you see something that needs correction, let us know! After using your Rejsekort or buying a ticket, your have a certain number of minutes that you can go any direction in a zone: There! Copenhagen Area Zone Map. Although this is visually more confusing, it’s been done so that these stations can be in either zone, making it even cheaper to travel there. Always remember to have a valid ticket with you to avoid getting fined (DKK 750) during ticket inspection. Central Copenhagen is zone 1, Sundbyerne zone 3 and the airport (Lufthavnen) zone 4. stage sponsors, and their invaluable contribution also ensure. Matériel et équipements désinfectés entre chaque utilisation. The zone numbers get higher the further away you get from the city centre. That means you have to buy a ticket for three zones if you want to take the bus, metro or … En 2019, un ticket pour 2 zones coûte 24 couronnes danoises alors qu'un ticket pour 3 zones coûte 36 couronnes danoises [21] Un ticket pour 3 zones est nécessaire pour voyager entre le centre-ville et l'aéroport. The public transportation is based on a number of travel zones, where a ticket is valid for any kind of transportation – being it S-trains, local or regional trains, buses, metro, or harbour buses. The zone numbers get higher the further away you get from the city centre. You only pay for 3 zones, however, because that is the least number of zones from your location. À noter que la carte InterRail est valable dans les S-tog (ca… Adorable. C’est le train de banlieue, qui dessert assez largement la Sealand, jusqu’à Køge au sud, Klampenborg et Hillerød au nord. Un billet pour 3 zones coûte 36 couronnes danoises et est en vente aux distributeurs de billets et au guichet. The same ticket is valid for travel on bus, train, and metro networks. It’s 3 zones to and from Copenhagen airport and the city centre. Once bought, these tickets can be used on all forms of transport. You only need to focus on the nine coloured zone rings because they are the ones that determine your fare. The Copenhagen local traffic area is divided in 95 zones. Half Danish, half Australian. There it will show you the coloured zones beyond your own. Le centre ville se trouve en zone 2, l’aéroport en zone 4. How many zones to and from Copenhagen airport? 1) Valid in all zones Let us explain the system to you once and for all! Click one of the maps below to go straight to the site with maps of bus routes, train services and metro lines and stations. It's not the easiest thing to sort out, but don't overthink it: most trips around Copenhagen will need a two-zone ticket (24 Danish krone; $3.86), but a … How do I find the right ticket? The map is an important part of the transportation system and learning how to read the various zones is vital to knowing what type ticket to buy or use when traveling. La plupart des déplacements touristiques en ville se font sur deux zones. A small City Pass costs 80kr for 24 hours and 150 kr for 48 hours. La ville de Copenhague est divisée en zones de tarification [20]. Although it seems crazy that it’s 3 zones because you’re travelling from “zone 4” to “zone 3” to “zone 1”, … The opening of Cityringen to be celebrated with great public celebration and free transport. Rejsekort unites travel zones, ticketing systems and discount schemes into one system, which makes it easier to use public transport services. The price for 1 zone is currently (June 2013) DKK 12,- The centre of the city is Zone 1, the zones close to the centre are Zones 2, 3, 4, etc. Des navettes Flixbus propose ce trajet pour 4 euros (30 DKK) en direction/depuis la gare principale. This region is divided into zones, starting from the city center. Within the Copenhagen public transportation system, tickets are transferable no matter what mode of transportation you are using (bus, metro, train, etc) so you can jump between different transportation types on your journey. Zones in Copenhagen Ticket prices are calculated based on how far you travel and how many of the nine zones you pass through. A 2 zone ticket, which covers all of Copenhagen (but not the airport – that’s 3 zones), lasts for one hour from purchase and is 24 DKK. The City Pass is usable in zones 1 – 4 and to/from Copenhagen Airport and the city centre. In short, the most expensive colour zone determines the price. Le prix du ticket varie en fonction du nombre de zones traversées. Copenhagen’s public transport system is divided into zones and you have to pay for every zone you travel through. Although the Copenhagen public transport is reliable, safe and clean, the zoning system is a bit confusing. The Greater Copenhagen area is divided into zones applying to all public buses, trains and the metro. Sometimes even Copenhageners get confused. da en. Le trajet entre la ville et l’aéroport couvre trois zones. Vous pouvez également acheter un City Pass Small (zone 1-4) pour les transports en commun de Copenhague, par exemple pour 24 heures (80 DKK) ou 72 heures (200 DKK). Le réseau de transports copenhaguois (bus, métros, S-tog et navettes fluviales) fonctionne selon un système de tarification unique comprenant sept zones géographiques. Central Copenhagen is zone 1, whereas the airport is in zone 4. The 2009 Inglis Scone Yearling Sale will be on THURSDAY May 14 at White Park on the eve of the Scone Cup. The zones are divided by the white lines. Central Copenhagen is zone 1, whereas the airport is in zone 4. It’s 3 zones to and from Copenhagen airport and the city centre. }). Scandinavia Standard has updated the latest travel price list and provided you with an easy to read English version that includes Rejsekort prices. Les geeks téléchargeront l’application Mobilbilletter Hovedstaden. Although it seems crazy that it’s 3 zones because you’re travelling from “zone 4” to “zone 3” to “zone 1”, you’re actually travelling in 3 zones overall. Copenhagen's public transport is reliable, and the Metro, s-trains and busses (including waterbuses) can all be accessed with the same ticket. The tricky thing is you are expected to know that it’s three zones because it’s yellow! Background in law, film and philosophy. Mêmes horaires que les bus. Zones à fort passage régulièrement désinfectées. This will allow you to travel in Zones 1 through 4, which are the major zones from the airport and the main city center. La ligne M2 (jaune) relie l’aéroport au sud-est de Copenhague à l’ouest de la capitale danoise. I’ve met Danes that admit to not understanding it themselves. Help us keep Scandinavia Standard up-to-date! We do our best to update articles like this one as prices and policies change, but sometimes we miss things. The zones are divided by the white lines. Co-founder & Creative Director. Unfortunately there is no legend on this page to indicate how many zones per each colour, so have a look at the following legend below with prices. The zone numbers get higher the further away you get from the city centre. Don’t get confused by all the 97 different zone numbers; they are needed in order to calculate fares for monthly passes. The 24-hour and 72-hour City Pass cost 80 DKK and 200 DKK respectively. An Introduction to Zones When using any kind of public transportation in Copenhagen, the price of your ticket will depend on how far you want to travel on public transportation and the time of day. With a Copenhagen Card in hand you don’t have to worry about zones and ticket prices, as you get unlimited transportation in the entire Capital Region (including to and from Copenhagen Airport). We are constructing — New lines. La Copenhagen Card vous permet de voyager de manière illimitée sur les transports publics dans la région de la capitale et de plus vous pouvez visiter gratuitement plus de 80 musées et attractions. Fermer. O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo. Un billet de 2 zones, couvre l’ensemble de Copenhague (mais pas l’aéroport qui nécessite 3 zones), dure une heure de l’achat et est de 24 DKK. Select “See more” on one of the journeys, then click “See price for this journey”. In the following map, this journey travels through 7 zones. window.fd('form', { containerEl: '#fd-form-5f4e085b782ca6002a476993' In short, the most expensive colour zone determines the price. Réservez Copenhague Services de transport et voyage avec Viator. Unlike the all-zone 24-hour ticket, this ticket is valid only in zones 1 - 4 and is also available as a 72-hour ticket. These are key when finding the right ticket for your journey. Even if your mode of transport doesn’t take the most direct route, you pay for the least number of zones on the map. With a 2008 average of only $14,000 you too may get yourself a top line sprinter like HOT DANISH or a country cups earner of … Some stations are located right on the border between zones. All you need to know is how many zones you will pass on your journey. 2) Valid in zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 Si vous possédez un Rejsekort, le prix n’est que de 21 DKK. There is also a larger pass that takes in Zones 1 - 99, which costs 160kr and 300kr (24hr/48hr). Adults with a valid ticket or city pass can bring 2 children under the age of 12 free of charge. The zones are divided by the white lines, and the names written in black are names of all the areas in each zone. Unless you are planning to venture far out of Copenhagen, you only need to consider the 9 coloured zone rings. ... tickets as well as linies & zones. Flying in? For example, if you are heading from the city centre (zone 1) to the airport (zone 4), you will need a ticket for three zones. Les 4 lignes de métro à Copenhague: La ligne M1 (verte) dessert le sud à travers le centre jusqu’aux quartiers ouest de la ville. Ces billets peuvent être utilisés sur tous les modes de transport en commun à Copenhague. Answer 1 of 7: Am I right in thinking that the tourist area of copenhagen (Tivoli to Little Mermiad area) is covered by zones 1 & 2 as far as public transport is concerned ? Aéroport de Copenhague > Centre en transport en commun L’aéroport est en zone 4 , le prix des transports en commun (train, métro ou bus) pour un aller simple est de 36 DKK (4.82€ en 2019) . Copenhague Services de transport et voyage. Copenhagen Public Transport Zones Maps Combine your travel plans with exiting discoveries around the city of copenhagen. The Copenhagen Metro (Danish: Københavns Metro, pronounced [kʰøpm̩ˈhɑwns ˈme̝ːtsʰʁo]) is a 24/7 rapid transit system in Copenhagen, Denmark, serving the municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and Tårnby.. La tarification dépend du nombre de zones traversées. Certaines lignes régionales assurent un service les nuits de vendredi à samedi et de samedi à dimanche. Copenhague est divisée en zones et les tarifs dépendent de combien de zones vous allez traverser. Aw, Copenhagen, you shouldn’t have! Copenhagen (København), Denmark: maps of the public transport networks, showing routes of buses, metro, s-togs (trains), and boats Maps of all the transit services in Greater Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen are on the website. You get free unlimited public transport in the Copenhagen region (zone 1-99), which includes Copenhagen Airport (zone 4). About the Metro, buses and S-trains Understand Copenhagen's public transport system and learn which means of transport to use and when. 3) Prices for ‘Rejsekort Personal’ in the Copenhagen area. If you need unlimited access to public transport to and from the airport and around central Copenhagen, purchase a City Pass. Pick up your Copenhagen Card in Copenhagen Airport and start using it right away. The Copenhagen Metro constructs and operates the Metro in Copenhagen. It was just like ripping off a band-aid. formId: '5f4e085b782ca6002a476993', In addition, you get free admission to more than 80 attractions and museums as well as discounts at several restaurants, cafés, sightseeing activities and more! A wordy, map-heavy band-aid. With a Copenhagen Card in hand, you don’t have to worry about traffic zones and ticket prices, as you get unlimited travel on trains, buses, metro and harbor busses throughout the entire capital region. However, you always pay for a minimum of 2 zones, which is DKK 24. Travel zones in copenhagen. This is valid from the 18th January 2016. You will then be able to see exactly how many zones your journey encompasses and a comparison of prices with the different ticketing methods. There are more details on Rejsekort pricing in English here.