I need some info because I never made a Va claim & now I am starting to do so after all these years. Sin Loi, it don't mean nothin'. I would like to get in touch with the guys who shared the fighting bunker and sleeping hooch for that 6 weeks. My name is Wendy Miller, and I am trying to find some pictures of my husband Lionelk Daniel Miller Jr. Served with "Buddy" Jewell (Warren Jewell, Jr) flight school 1967 in Vietnam 68-69. However, I did have good friends serving in country. Those pictures are precious. Please if you have anything to share please let me know! I was in Quang Tri 68 - 69 with C Co. 75th Support Batt. These pictures of Viet Nam, are surreal. looking for anyone who might of known isamel ruiz station in phu cat or phu bai,don't know battilion or battery.nam 68-69 was over run got hit by mortars knock out dragged by nva reconized it wasn't there own,left him there article in either stars and stripes or i believe newspaper called,they called him wrony way ruiz,story about incident.trying to locate anyone about story.my brother is now deceased,heart attack 2008. Awesome.I remember back in the old days, i was a fighter in that war!! Please email me at whymenow0413@hotmail.com. I was in the class of 70-71....855th Gen Sup Co.....Camp Carter...got there in June 70 and split in May of 71. Hi I don't know who I'm looking for to be exact....my grandfather is Australian... he served in Ba Ria, Vietnam during 1969.. My mom was born may 2, 1969. It occurred during a convoy mission from Kontum to Dak Tho. He was in the Navy. (Not sure if it was Sgt Blue)I still remember the projectile crossing my left shoulder(heard it! Amazingly good! He was also station at Camp Courtney, Okinawa. my Dad, Larry L. Johnson, served June 1968 to 69. Voted. He was with the 101st airborne division as a medic. My brother was Gary Thomas Phelps with the CAP 2-9-2 3rd Marine Amphibious Force in Duc Duc Vietnam in 1969. My husband served in Vietnam during this time period. I salute you and your work. It's great. Spent hours on the web trying to find a way to find some records on him. The gallery truly captures the images of war. Later was transferred over to Nakon Phanom Thailand, I am trying to find my email box to get access to these pictures. I'M LOOKING FOR ANYONE WHO SERVED WITH LANCE CORP. JOHN R.W.CONSTIEN, U.S.M.C. Met my grandmother sometimes before 1968 because my mom was born in April 1968. To all my brothers welcome home and god bless, On a memory trip and found this. I am looking for anyone who might have served with Edward Pike from Alabama. He was my finances dad. Thanks. Douglas Lee VandeVegte, 1st BN, 506th infantry, 101st Airborne, 3rd Brigade, What an amazing gallery. He passed away in 1993. I am looking for the morning reports of the 60th Ord, 3rd Bn, Long Binh, Viet Nam: October 1968- August 1969. Procès en destitution : les craintes des alliés de Trump, Plan d’aide de 1 900 milliards : le budget est adopté au Sénat, adopter un budget de 1 900 milliards de dollars, Affaire MTG : McCarthy accusé de lâcheté, Des républicains ciblent à leur tour Ilhan Omar, https://t.co/nfokxHyhnM">pic.twitter.com/nfokxHyhnM, L’heure de la vérité approche pour Marjorie Taylor Greene, Procès en destitution : Trump persiste et signe. Côté vie privée, Anthony Delon est père de trois enfants. His name was Vincent Anthony Grantz and was a Green Beret in the Army. Thank You. Thank you. Am looking for a long ago friend. my dad was in the 14th.engr br.quang tri -qua veit-phu bi-au-shau-valley. Detrpaul@yahoo.com. Your photos are top notch and bring back many memories. I`m looking to contact any one from the 25th Div S&T Battalion. Thnaks for sharing and serving our country! I'm looking for a map of Quih Nhon, trying to find where the Navy Swift Boat base was located. Larry McQueen for over 40 yrs.USMC 11th Eng Bn Dong Ha Vietnam 1969.. hometown was Indianapolis.can you help? Arrived in '68 in Phu Bai. 3rd marine div at Dong Ha 1968 to 1969, Michael W. Swinford, Freight Terminal Division USN White Elephant across from Ferry Landing, was at Bridge Ramp after boats blew from ammo explosion, write vietnamveteransministry@hotmail.com, I WAS IN -COUNTRY FROM 67 TO 68 WOUNDED MAR/1st/68..100clicks from the city of (HUE) BATTLE.I WAS WITH THE 2nd/327th INF. the only knowledge I have of this war is what I have been taught at school in history... and all teh movies and series such as Platoon, Hamburger Hill, and Tour of Duty. Tom Dillon, USAF, Ret. i carnt begin to emagen what it must of been like for the men and woman that fort in this war, or any war to be honest. Jim Daniels james@gapsindex.org. Big vote! Thank you for your service and your photography. iam looking for gary french-viet nam 67-68 he visited me in wisc when he got out they called him cherryboy, JAMES W STAFFORD(JIM) I was over in 67-68 with the 82 Airborn Inf. B&W photography has amazing power. my main reason for emailling u was to let u know that i have pictures of a soldier walt wayn lewis i know he is on the wall so if u need a face to go with his name please i would be happy to help he was my fathers best friend i understand i was a child of the vn war thank you. No more words needed. I gave a wrong date! Wow, what a great collection. )lz Baldy with members of the 4th s&t. Also AO goes down 7 generations (went to a meeting at the VA about it). I am making a memeriol book in his honor. I was in Danang from May, 1969-April, 1970. i have an adopted p.o.w.who i belive is still out there.i blame the u.s. gov.for all casualties in nam.if we were properly trained instead of a were going to kick ass mentallity we would have not lost all those precious lifes.in these last words i qoute. {vote}. My name: Michael Jacobson, I'm an ex Navy Seabee served at the Danang Hospital, Sept. 68 - Sept. 69. please can anyone help me with this, i would be so greatfull.he is so frustrated he doesnt rememeber anything, he is a very nice guy and i wouuld like to help him. I get lost for words at what humans can do - both negative & positive. Joe et Jill Biden ont rendu mardi soir un dernier hommage à l’officier Brian Sicknick, 42 ans, tué lors de l’assaut du Capitole des États-Unis le 6 janvier dernier par des partisans extrémistes de Donald Trump. I was an Air Traffic Controller at Cu Chi Feb 70-Nov 70 and Phu Bai Nov 70-Jun 71. EACH TIME I SEE ONE THAT JUMPS OUT AT ME. Very moving images. The song was Spinning Wheel by Chicago. It was hell....I have had one of the hardest training i have endured so far but not one that can get you to share bananas with jungle Gorillas for Nine and half weeks in a row...Sho-o-o......we had to befriend them else we weren't going to eat their bananas and wasn't an easy job while keeping out for Rebel gunfire.. Sir yessir.!! Thanks for the opportunity to post this. Great documentary. Guest, would appreciate any information on N. Karrer R.N. He was in long binh 68-69. and glad today you get to. Huge vote. hey this eddie childers i was there or ithink iwas anyway looking for anyone thatwas there too 67/68 n.s.a camp tien sha naval support activity. I was born in July 68 never meeting my father. HE ALWAYS WANTED TO FIND THEM BUT GAVE UP AFTER HITTING THE BRICK WALLS AS MANY OF THE MEN DID WHEN THEY ATTEMPTED. Most appear to be taken on UFC 7 (Harbour Craft and Transport) Were taken 1966-67. Welcome Home to all. I'm looking for fellow Marines who served with me especially during the Tet Offensive 1968. Very nice images. If you happen to have any pictures of him while he was over there, can you post them on this web site? Ce n’est pas conservateur. I'd vote, but I"ve already done that. 101st Airborne 1970-71 camp Eagle/Phu Bai vietnam I would like to here from anyone who served there and then I have tried to contact others from our company but out of eleven names I contacted nine have already passed / I was a helicopter door gunner and crew chief for Lt. Col Ledwedge also flew with 326 medivac/ contact me at ( linepwr@yahoo.com ), My father served in the 3rd recon unit 3rd division delta company. John Muller: I served with MACV from '69 to '70. they told him it was a chemical to kill the plants. His name was Jimmy Leroy Lewis. My father was Thomas Jacob Bartel, Phu lam 67 NARC and Phu Bia 1968 with AUTOSEVOCAM. Looking for anyone who knew Larry Allenbaugh, Army served in Viet Nam 67 to 69 as a photographer. grubbstree@windstream.net, Anyone having info on Sgt Harold Grubbs from NC can please email me at grubbstree@windstream.net. He served 67-69. Your photos bring back a lot of memorie s. Welcome home from the SEALS. «Je suis une survivante d’une agression sexuelle. He was some where by an air strip that had an underground fuel take blow up. For the past week I have been browsing the archives of the digitaljournalist.org. Wonderful collection of photos Richard. Thank you. He was a Specialist. Would like to hear from any one who might remember me or served with C1/5 the same time. around 1968, I was on MACV Advisory Team 64 from 9/1968 to 8/1969. now i wish i asked more questions when i had a chance... contact me if u know robert dilorenzo. an amazing and haunting set of images. Hey Richard, I just stumbled across your page. From Dec '68 to May '69. God bless you Richard for posting this gallery, Thanks Richard. His best buddy was named Fox. 1967-68 Phuloi Vietnam. What a fantastic portrait of wartime Vietnam! Send me some info or please call Don Monteith 740-935-0212. e-mail me at jkenrox@comcast.net. Who was in Advisory Team 64? what an action photography life! I was just a USAF REMF, but I travelled most of RVN. V, my nick name was "chief" on a convoy to hill 37 I saw a truck explosion three or four were injured on of them landed in the rice paddie when I pulled him out his head was splited. I am looking for anyone who might of known Cpl Harold Raymond Norfleet Jr. USMC He was assigned to Camp Courtney early 1966. Have been trying to locate our old XO Richard Hightower. Thank you for any help offered. He was from Ft. Lewis Washington. "Sixième discours: sur la nature de l'homme," Sept Discours en Vers sur l'Homme (1738) Une seule partie de la physique occupe la vie de plusieurs hommes, et les laisse souvent mourir dans l'incertitude. Outstanding gallery, thanks for sharing. j. Thanks again Friend! You collection of photos are wonderful and depict the many different aspects of war and the relationship of all the people involved. My husband is writing a book about vietnam. James was from Farmington, Maine. PLEASE let me know ASAP, as she only has a window of 29 days now to obtain this evidence. Specialty was mark 4 Gun Pod. I would love any information as I know nothing. The pilot as the last flying Sgt in the USMC and could make C-117 do anything he wanted. Thanks for sharing. Pilot. I was in HQ Co., Regional communications Group Late 68 to Nov. 69. Very stirring, Voted Thanks for sharing it. I was at Tinshaw one day after one of the barracks got hit by a rocket. Looking for someone who knows Paul Francis Walsh - served in Cu Chi, Vietnam 68/69. Especially when you didn't know where you were in the first place and trying to remember 40 years later..... Good Luck to all looking for some one.. This is going to sound absolutely crazy but I think I may have been a Vet in a previous life! Contact ricloma@frontier.com, Hello. Looking for Ernesto T Garcia 3rd 187th Infantry 101st Airborne Viet Nam 1969-70. Thank you, Richard. I continue to be taken by this gallery. If anyone remembers him, please contact me at schielke5@gmail.com There is a comment posted by Jordon Orwig about his father. This is a GREAT SITE! my e-mail is eliada7@aol.com if anyone served with me please get in touch with me. hey i like how u guys did your set up but u need more fealings in it and more types of photos. My uncle was killed in Pleiku on Nov. 3, 1968. He went in in 1964 served two tours in nam and recieved his honorable discharge with rank of sargent in 1968.. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Looking for any information on my dad Duane R Lowe who served 3 tours in Vietnam. Seems like yesterday. 4th ID exchanged brigades with the 25th. Please email if you have the info. Thanks for your time and effort in restoring and posting these for all of us to appreciate! Any info anyone has or pictures they can spare for me would be great. And the men and women to day, Awsume B/W Thanks for sharing: I was with USMC 67/69. If you are looking for a former Army Signal Corps Officer, from ANY war from WWII to Korea and Vietnam, try the search field at the bottom of the Home Page for www.ArmySignalOCS.com. Monte. Voted of course! 2/1 Fox Co. May 19/68 to Sept.68 Transfered to 2nd Cag Unite till my summery came along, and ended my last days with 3/3 Delta on Dong Ha Mountain. Inf. (Laundry Platoon) Please email me. He was 1 of 2 survivors from his unit and never speaks about his experiences. I am a nobody who served as a ,Marine with the 1st Mar div Hq Btn Hq co sec plt in 68-69. I just returned from Vietnam - while there visited some of the battlefields and the major cities - the war still permeates every day life and conversation even though most of the population was born after the war. His name is Donald Collins. Endured, certainly. please send an email to me at pham519778@bellsouth.net if you know this man becuase he has a son who have been waiting all his life just to meet him.My father was born with out knowing his father.Please if you have information on this man then feel free to emial me. I really think this has a lot of merit. Un pays que j'aime beaucoup et que j'aurais pu connaitre, Thought provoking gallery. If you have any information or pictures, please email me at kimsfourpuddleducks@yahoo.com. Anyone know of a Reginald Davis? )I heard about the fire BUT not all was involved,plus they reconstructed some of those. Master Sgt Ben Williams was my dad. I found my buddy Ben Klotz, after 40 years! Looking for Charles L Baker who was with 9th S&T in Dong Tam in 1968. Colonel Anthony L. Blair. Your gallery really touches the heart of the matter: the Vietnamese people. There were 3 or more killed and several wounded.This was in July 1968. My battle buddy name is Ronlad Moon from from what I can recal Ft Wyane,Id. However, if anyone here served with either, please contact me at leguerrajr@gmail.com. it been 40 years or more i never meet anyone who i serviced with.sempi-fi, Anybody know where to get reports for missions patrols for "C" Co. 1st Recon Batt 1st Marine Div. My life experiences and gray hairs as proof have taught me one thing; when good men do nothing, evil flourishes. Thanks. LOOKING FOR SOME OF THE FELLOW MARINES THAT KNEW MY DAD S.SGT. I'm high school senior, working on a English project over the Vietnam War, and could really use more information on this guy. I salute all of you who served over there and you guys have my utmost respect and appreciation. My name is Judy and if you could I would be interested in hearing from you. Came googling for short timers calenders. Awesome, thanks for sharing these great images. I last saw my 8 mo pregnant girlfriend, Le Thi Kim Khue, in Saigon, August 1968. 1969-1970 that may remember me. My hat is off to you. Lopez, Sgt. I wonder if they knew eachother, my fathers memorial was yesterday and he received the 21 guns due to serving in (the walking dead). thankyou. E- Mail is dbc689@yahoo.com, My dad MANUEL LEE MILLER was a Navy Seal who was on some Team even when he fought in Vietnam. The bunker/hooch was right next to the helicopter landing pad and had a separate min-bunker with a 50 caliber machine gun, which wasn’t operative because it “needed parts”!! Lets all take the time to say a prayer for all that served and has yet to overcome. Would like to speak to grunts who served with me at that time and place. Thanks!! professors who we picked up from the air base before dark and then drove them back across the river after class in a Dodge pickup, one guy sitting on the sandbags in the back with a loaded weapon to make them feel safe. So, he was from Tucker Ga, went to Walter Reed then Fitzsimmons for multiple back surgeries, he was in the Army and made E-4 rank. COA 4th Infantry Div S&T Discom Red Patrol April69 April70 Plikue CA Villiage LZ Oais Anke. I am looking to find Marvin Moore A Company 4th S&T Discom Red Patrol 1969 1970 Camp Enari CA Villiage LZ Oais Anke he from Motor City Wilfred Cruz pass on 1992 Gold Patrol miss those guys have scars thats u can never erase mind blowing peace an blessing all BROTHERS!! He worked on the helicopters. I beleive our fathers served together. My name Is David Bobbitt i was in Nam 68 -69 served with Delta 1/4 td marine div...if your are looking for ture stories there is a book out call Loon about lzloon June 4th 5th and 6th of june 1968... Charlie and Delta companyof 1/4 took on a battle for those three days we lost most of our men to kia and wounds So thank you Richard for your PIc's they bring back alot memebers of the war we still fighting in our head..also remember the Army Eng.... that was on that mountain with us there was five i know they got a live. I thik this gallery is a great document with very nice shots! To his memory. Any information at all would be appreciated. CONSTIEN. Email me at wini_Williams@hotmail.com thanks .

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